The Road to Success & Well-Roundedness Begins Here

Haritos Martial Arts believes that success is more than just learning the physical techniques. We envision our young students to become responsible and productive citizens in society. We use our 300 system, a comprehensive method that fuses many known martial arts such as karate, jiu-jitsu, judo, and taekwondo. Combining these forms gives your child a unique edge and provides many skills - both in and out of class. Experience martial arts and its many attributes with us!

The Twofold Benefit of Martial Arts To Your Child

The gem that comes from martial arts class is when physical meets mental and emotional growth. We believe that real change will help your child become not just stronger but also disciplined and respectful. Your child will gain balance, coordination, agility, well-rounded athleticism, and determination. We believe true success is twofold as it brings out your child's best physical potential and trains your child's mind and emotional state to be calm, focused, and strategic in class and life.