Haritos Martial Arts Reviews

this is a great place to take your children. My son and daughter are both attending and they love it. Their behavior is improving overall in very positive ways.

Samantha Rashelle Wood

We have 2 children enrolled here and the classes have been a blessing. The facility is clean and organized and has an array of different training areas for the students. They are flexible on which classes we attend and Master Haritos and his staff are always a pleasure to interact with. We value the discipline, fitness, and teachings they instill and love that it is a local family owned business. We also like that Master Haritos shows the kids how being positive, focused, and determined doesn't just apply to martial arts, but can also be applied to all aspects of one's life! This is a great place for adults and kids alike to train and learn martial arts!

Donald Kane

I love this place it has helped me threw a lot its very nice very clean and the owner is so nice and loving,he’s awesome with kids and with adults.he does private lessons if u need help and he will help you with anything!

Stamatia Mastrovasili

I love coming to Haritos Martial Arts! The facility is very clean and the staff is very friendly. I definitely recommend this gym to all!

Hola Vibes

I am on my fourth week of my sixteen week challenge. I absolutely look forward to my class three times per week. I couldn’t even do one push up when I started. I can now do twenty four and I never thought I’d enjoy someone telling me to do squats but I do. Sergio is awesome and is always motivating us to do better telling us we’re doing great

Kelly Cavnor Miller

Master and all staff here are amazing. My children have been here almost 3 years now and learn more than martial arts. They have friends here and look up to their elders. They are forming genuine respect for others and themselves.

Nicole Krause

Great place to take your child to learn martial arts! He absolutely loves it!

Tiffany Dillard

fantastic school! i loved it, i feel great right after the workout!

Braxton Theodore

I've had my daughter their for about a month and a half and she absolutely loves it!!!! I've recently joined too and I love it. Everyone their is so nice and Master Haritos is a amazing teacher and is very nice and understanding! Master is very encouraging to everyone. He teaches physical and mental strength. Absolutely love this place!!!

Angel Saliba

I joined almost a year ago and the facility and the instructor are amazing. I've had no issues what so ever. As a matter of fact, it has improved my life tremendously. Being an older student, it has improved my memory, balance, strength, inner strength and flexibility and much more. I would recommend this school to everyone!

Maria Karvelas

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